Bioorthogonal Chemistry & Bioconjugation Dr. Martin Empting, HIPS Saarbrücken

or students enrolled in Pharmacy, MSc Chemistry, MSc Biology, MSc Biotechnology or related advanced studies, and Chemistry/Pharmacy/Biology PhD students

Azide-alkyne cycloadditions and beyond - from click chemistry to bioorthogonal reactions;
What is the status of in vivo chemistry/biocompatible reactions? Chemical modifications
of proteins and peptides; Applications of bioconjugate chemistry in biomedical research
and biopharmaceutical drugs (e.g. antibody-drug conjugates and theranostics).

Course Language: English
2 SWS, final exam (online; multiple choice; not graded), 3 ECTS-Points, Modul Naturwissenschaften
Weekly lectures will be made available digitally via Moodle in the section
"Courses > Naturwissenschaftlich-Technische Fakultät (NT) > Pharmazie > Pharmazeutische und Medizinische Chemie (Empting)"
starting Do. Nov 4th.

Interested students can contact Martin Empting in advance via email: