Course Description

This lecture will provide a practical introduction to the art of programming using Python. Python is a programming language that supports a variety of programming paradigms, among others object-oriented programming. Programming in Python is relatively easy to learn, and is getting more and more popular in both industry and research. Because programming is best learned by doing, many exercises will be a central part of the course. This course is addressed to students without any programming skills.

Die Vorlesung richtet sich auch an Studierende im Bachelor-Programm. Unterrichtssprache ist Englisch. Die Klausur werden wir auf Deutsch und Englisch anbieten.

Course Requirements

Grading based on a final exam (50%) and a software assignment (50%). You have to register with HIS-POS in order to be able to take the exams and earn credits. The exam date and the registration deadline are announced in our online course bulletin (LSF).